ALA schedule

Still plugging away on my ALA schedule for ALA in Chicago….more details to come


9:00-11:00 NMRT Conference Orientation

10:30-12:00 Give Them What They are Reaching For: Identifying Customer Wants and Needs with the Public Library Geographic Database

1:30-3:30 Are You Preparing for Your Next Job?
Planning the Next Step in Your Library Career: Strategies for Keeping Pace with the Changing Library Environment

1:30-5:30 Wow! We Really Do Change Lives–Knowing and Showing Outcomes (per director’s request)

4:00-5:30 Back to School: Teaching Information Literacy to Adults in Public Libraries, Academic Libraries, and Adult Distance Learning Centers

UPDATED: Opening Session???

8:00-11:00 SCHOLARSHIP BASH Museum of Science & Industry

UPDATE: Exhibits??
10:30-12:00 Don’t Move Out, Move Up! Strategies for Librarians to Move Up the Ladder, Not Out the Door
10:300-12:00 Taking the Guess Work Out of Non-Fiction Reader’s Advisory

1:30-3:30 Library Book Cart Drill Team Championships (this just looks fun!)
1:30-3:30 Outreach 101

4:00-5:30 Bilingual Issues in Emergent Literacy

8:30-12:00 Getting Published: From Practice to Print

10:30-12:00 Libraries: A Supportive Environment for Teens!

1:30-3:30 Generation Gap: The Challenges and Benefits of a Mixed Generation Workforce (per director’s request)
1:30-3:30 Perspectives in Spanish Book Publishing, Distribution, and Acquisition

5:00-6:30 PLA President’s Program and Awards Presentation with David Sedaris, part of the ALA Auditorium Speaker Series


small work-related rant

I rarely do this, since this is an extremely public forum, but….

I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow. We are supposed to have 2 people on the reference desk at all times, but the people I’m scheduled to work with tomorrow are really bad about disappearing and leaving me to run the entire 2nd floor. By myself. And I’m really getting tired of it. But mostly I’m tired of the management and their lack of response. It seems that some people can break every rule and still keep their jobs, while the rest of us have to pick up the slack and do what they don’t. Or cover the reference desk alone. Covering the reference desk in our library means answering the phone, dispensing printouts and collecting money for them, answering tech questions for 43 computers, and answering the questions of anyone who walks up to the desk. Now, I can multi-task, but geez! that’s asking a lot, even from me!!


fun at work on Thursday…

Okay, so not really fun, but it was interesting…

They were working on our chandelier over the stairs, which had approx 23 bulbs out. It has never been seen fully lit, not even when we opened. They had to turn off several different sections of lights, surprising several different sections of patrons, trying to find the switch for the chandelier. Our staircase was closed, which meant that people had to use the elevator.

The chandelier has two tiers of lights. It is circular. The top tier of lights is no longer on. The bulbs all blew long ago. The bottom tier had about 5 or 6 bulbs left in it. I will try to remember to take a picture and post a link.

Back to the story. When I came back from lunch Thursday, the electrician was gone. The chandelier had working lightbulbs on the bottom tier only. However,…the lights now do a slow fade from blue to reddish-pink to purple. Which is highly unusual for a library, in my opinion. And considering the director doesn’t like the color blue….not a good thing, really. I spoke with the director and she said it was either slowly fading colors or blinking white lights. So we have colors. I think it makes the stairway darker than it was before. Hopefully they will come and fix this soon. They were supposed to do the whole thing while we were closed for the holidays anyway. Instead, they did it when they got rained out from another job. Oh, well…such is the library’s place on the totem pole in the county…

waiting for the storm to descend…

My public library serves two different school districts. They are *both* out of school for a half day today. Usually when this happens, we have lots of problems with young adults getting loud and rambunctious…so far, so good, though. However, I am here until 8pm and am hoping that the peace and quiet will continue. I don’t feel like being the mean librarian on patrol tonight, checking library cards and booting people. Maybe, just maybe, they will behave…or not come in….*fingers crossed*

Thoughts on my chosen profession

I was just reading the OCLC newsletter and they had a focus on the “next generation” of the librarians.  They did short bios of a handful of recent MLS graduates to find out what they thought about librarianship.  They also had an interview that made me start thinking about where I want to go with this job (in general) and what I want to do in the future.  I have thought about management and right now I really thing that I enjoy working with patrons too much to move up into management.  There are patrons that I don’t like to deal with as much as some, but that’s going to happen anywhere.  The management I see in the library I’m in now only gets to work with patrons rarely.  My boss covers the desk more now that we’re short a person, but it’s still farely rare for her to be on the desk for any length of time.  I don’t know that I have or will ever see the director on the desk.  The assistant director, when she was here, was on-desk once.  I just enjoy the research part of my job too much at this point.  I don’t like politics, office or otherwise, and I don’t think I would like dealing with all the political aspects of being a library director or manager.  Maybe the perfect job for me will open up…who knows?  I am not opposed to becoming management, but I don’t feel that I am really cut out for it.  My family says I would be a good manager, and so does my boyfriend, but at the moment I just don’t feel qualified.  It could be because I am the youngest person working almost on the whole staff.  I am the youngest professional on staff.  I don’t really feel that my coworkers think anything of it, but it feels weird when they are talking about having kids and stuff.  I hear so much about other librarians who have had to deal with not being taken seriously because of their age, and I don’t really want that to happen.  I don’t want to be burned out and hate my job.  I am happy with my job, but not thrilled with the pay.  I realize that will be similar almost anywhere, but I can’t afford a new car or to live in the town that I work in.  That really kind of sucks.

Okay…enough pensiveness….back to work…really this time.

Cell phones are annoying

Sorry about the longish delay in posts…I got busy actually working at work :^)

Okay, so obviously I work in a library. Libraries are quiet places, right? Only when the cell phones don’t ring! Why can’t people be considerate of others and keep their cell phones on vibrate – or just turn the dumb thing off!!!

Are we all so important now that we must be reachable anytime, anywhere? I understand that some people have to be reachable at all times – doctors, moms w/small children, etc. But the rest of us must have a pretty high idea of ourselves if we think we must be reachable at all times. Does anyone else ever have the desire to be unreachable at times? I do. I get emails all day long at work…and of course they’re all work related….but I get tired of them. I get tired of being interrupted in whatever I’m working on by the stupid pop-up window that tells me I have mail. But since we are in a new, bigger building, you can’t just walk over to someone and tell them whatever it is. And since no one is in their office most of the time, you can’t call them either.

Back to cell phones for a minute…I have been in movie theaters where a person behind me was on the phone arguing with someone (loudly) until after the previews started. I’ve had them ring in church, too. Just because we are always reachable is not always good. Stress levels can rise as more and more people take less time away from work – even when they are away from work. Americans work more than any other country in the world. Americans take less vacation time than most other countries in the world. Americans give that money for paid vacation days back to their employers! Just think – by not taking your vacation days, you are PAYING YOUR EMPLOYER!

Enough ranting for now…

Until next time!