Cell phones are annoying

Sorry about the longish delay in posts…I got busy actually working at work :^)

Okay, so obviously I work in a library. Libraries are quiet places, right? Only when the cell phones don’t ring! Why can’t people be considerate of others and keep their cell phones on vibrate – or just turn the dumb thing off!!!

Are we all so important now that we must be reachable anytime, anywhere? I understand that some people have to be reachable at all times – doctors, moms w/small children, etc. But the rest of us must have a pretty high idea of ourselves if we think we must be reachable at all times. Does anyone else ever have the desire to be unreachable at times? I do. I get emails all day long at work…and of course they’re all work related….but I get tired of them. I get tired of being interrupted in whatever I’m working on by the stupid pop-up window that tells me I have mail. But since we are in a new, bigger building, you can’t just walk over to someone and tell them whatever it is. And since no one is in their office most of the time, you can’t call them either.

Back to cell phones for a minute…I have been in movie theaters where a person behind me was on the phone arguing with someone (loudly) until after the previews started. I’ve had them ring in church, too. Just because we are always reachable is not always good. Stress levels can rise as more and more people take less time away from work – even when they are away from work. Americans work more than any other country in the world. Americans take less vacation time than most other countries in the world. Americans give that money for paid vacation days back to their employers! Just think – by not taking your vacation days, you are PAYING YOUR EMPLOYER!

Enough ranting for now…

Until next time!


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