fun at work on Thursday…

Okay, so not really fun, but it was interesting…

They were working on our chandelier over the stairs, which had approx 23 bulbs out. It has never been seen fully lit, not even when we opened. They had to turn off several different sections of lights, surprising several different sections of patrons, trying to find the switch for the chandelier. Our staircase was closed, which meant that people had to use the elevator.

The chandelier has two tiers of lights. It is circular. The top tier of lights is no longer on. The bulbs all blew long ago. The bottom tier had about 5 or 6 bulbs left in it. I will try to remember to take a picture and post a link.

Back to the story. When I came back from lunch Thursday, the electrician was gone. The chandelier had working lightbulbs on the bottom tier only. However,…the lights now do a slow fade from blue to reddish-pink to purple. Which is highly unusual for a library, in my opinion. And considering the director doesn’t like the color blue….not a good thing, really. I spoke with the director and she said it was either slowly fading colors or blinking white lights. So we have colors. I think it makes the stairway darker than it was before. Hopefully they will come and fix this soon. They were supposed to do the whole thing while we were closed for the holidays anyway. Instead, they did it when they got rained out from another job. Oh, well…such is the library’s place on the totem pole in the county…


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