open letter

Okay, look. You guys decided to hold training on this program before I started working here. 3 days before I started working here, in fact. When you knew I was coming. Fine. Whatever works for you. I’ve had *one* 90 minute phone call training me on how to use this stupid thing. And yet it is the *main part* of my job. So if you have a problem with the way I’m using it (or not, whatever the case may be), please for the love of God don’t contact the vendor. Contact me. Let me know what I’m doing wrong. I’m very aware that we have some major communication issues. I’m working on it. We’re both behind and ahead of the times on this. And I’m muddling through the best I freaking can. So back off.


ALA Emerging Leaders

I’m applying for this:

But in order to do that I have to write this: “Three ways in which I have demonstrated leadership potential: [500 words maximum. You may attach an additional sheet.]” I hate these things. I hate having to write about myself.

I also have to contact my references and ask for yet another letter :^) That’s going to be fun. Blech…

DOPA is Dopey

Just say “NO!” to DOPA
This is a site asking social networking advocates to sign a petition. They are trying to gather 1,000,000 signatures in a month.

Just say No to DOPA

For those who don’t know, DOPA is the Deleting Online Predators Act, which is a poorly crafted bill built on stereotype and wrong information that will not be able to deliver on what it promises, and will only cut funding from already shoestring budgeted Libraries and schools.

This doesn’t affect just libraries – “new legislation that would cordon off access to commercial Web sites that let users create public “Web pages or profiles” and also offer a discussion board, chat room, or e-mail service.

That’s a broad category that covers far more than social-networking sites such as Friendster and Google’s It would also sweep in a wide range of interactive Web sites and services, including, AOL and Yahoo’s instant-messaging features, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which permits in-game chat. ” (from:

Contact your legistlators – Senators and Representatives and let them know you think DOPA is dopey!

More info here:
and (from ALA)


So…i’ve been waiting to post this until it’s truly official, but now it is, so here goes – I have a new job! Starting August 4, I will be an academic librarian at one of the local universities! My boss didn’t cry when I told her I was resigning, even though a part-timer resigned the same day. She gave me a hug and wished me luck. We’ll see what the rest of the staff’s reaction is on Monday….I sent email, but our work email server has been down all weekend…I’m telling all my knitting girls tomorrow….

So now I have a new source for angst! I will soon be faculty!


“Good morning. It’s 80 degrees at 6:00” is *not* what you want to hear the morning of an interview that includes walking around outside. Maybe I won’t melt….but I doubt it….hopefully it won’t rain, at least.

Wish me luck!

more conference stuff

The conference is almost over…and I’ve made several new friends, actually. Thanks, everyone, for the great comments! I appreciate knowing I’m not the only one! Fortunately, another librarian was so relieved to see someone else her age that she walked up and asked if I had plans for dinner…I had a car, and the rest, as they say, is history :^) Hopefully, it’s the start of a good friendship, as well as a good professional experience.

stupid conferences

I’m at the Tennessee Library Assoc. annual conference. I always learn stuff at professional conferences, and it’s usually useful stuff. But I always feel inadequate, ignored, and blech. I’m a terrible networker. I realize that. But I also feel like everyone already knows someone and I look too young to be taken seriously. I don’t want to wear my work clothes to conferences, but I think I’m going to have to start. I’m tired of being smiled at, said hi to, and then largely dismissed. I am trying to figure out how to get involved so that I can know people when I go to conferences, but it’s not easy to figure out. I need to try to find out if there’s some way I can get better at networking…maybe if I start going to functions at work where I can meet people….I’m really too tired to think about it right now…stupid hotel pillow was too thin to let me sleep the whole night uninterrupted….plus, lunch! is calling.

professional stuff, you’ve been warned :^)

Okay, so I did go to the Alumni day at my alma mater….it was…okay, I guess. Not what I expected. But that’s okay. I gained a passenger Friday afternoon, so that was cool. It was a fellow alum, but not someone I knew well. The 6 hour (round-trip) car ride solved that :^) I have some new(ish) professional goals, which I’ll put here, but mostly for my future reference. All in all, it was a pretty good trip. I miss my doggie, though. He’s at my parent’s house for the night.


1. Figure out Library 2.0
2. Get involved in local and maybe national associations
3. Find out about the Alumni Board
4. Learn about web/electronic services librarian positions

I’m sure there were more, but those are a pretty good start :^)