professional stuff, you’ve been warned :^)

Okay, so I did go to the Alumni day at my alma mater….it was…okay, I guess. Not what I expected. But that’s okay. I gained a passenger Friday afternoon, so that was cool. It was a fellow alum, but not someone I knew well. The 6 hour (round-trip) car ride solved that :^) I have some new(ish) professional goals, which I’ll put here, but mostly for my future reference. All in all, it was a pretty good trip. I miss my doggie, though. He’s at my parent’s house for the night.


1. Figure out Library 2.0
2. Get involved in local and maybe national associations
3. Find out about the Alumni Board
4. Learn about web/electronic services librarian positions

I’m sure there were more, but those are a pretty good start :^)


2 thoughts on “professional stuff, you’ve been warned :^)

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