open letter

Okay, look. You guys decided to hold training on this program before I started working here. 3 days before I started working here, in fact. When you knew I was coming. Fine. Whatever works for you. I’ve had *one* 90 minute phone call training me on how to use this stupid thing. And yet it is the *main part* of my job. So if you have a problem with the way I’m using it (or not, whatever the case may be), please for the love of God don’t contact the vendor. Contact me. Let me know what I’m doing wrong. I’m very aware that we have some major communication issues. I’m working on it. We’re both behind and ahead of the times on this. And I’m muddling through the best I freaking can. So back off.


2 thoughts on “open letter

  1. yeah, kind of. A lot of that is just my gut reaction. I feel a little better about things now. And I’ve called a meeting to talk about some of the issues that have come up. So that should help….I hope 🙂

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