SOPA, PIPA and protests

So there’s all kinds of stuff going around right now about SOPA and PIPA and RWA.  I’m glad to see that heavy hitters on the internet like Wikipedia are paying attention to Congress.  I’m hopeful that RWA will get similar responses, but it’s not looking likely.

I wanted to draw some attention to what the Library Society of the World is doing, particularly.  Iris and Steve have created Protest Coupons to leave at the ALA Midwinter booths of the vendors that Andy has identified as supporters of SOPA/PIPA. However, I will not be at Midwinter, so the coupons aren’t going to work for me.  So I made a postcard.  I’m working on getting a way for people to click and send postcards, but I’ve had actual work stuff come up 🙂  So, hopefully by the end of the day I’ll have that worked out.

I encourage you to print out the coupons if you’re going to ALA Midwinter or the postcards if you’re not and send them to the vendors who are supporting these bills. 

Also, be sure to contact your congress people and let them know how you feel!  Congressional support seems to be dropping for SOPA, but PIPA (the Senate version) still has support.

On that note, I also want to point out this post from Read Write Web about what Joe Brockmeier wishes people were saying about SOPA/PIPA and congressional actions.  The gist is: Americans are unaware of congressional actions until someone points them out.  The mainstream media aren’t going to be pointing out things like SOPA/PIPA because they are supporters of the bill.  So, it’s up the the American public to keep up with Congress on their own.  Check on your Congressional reps regularly!  Write to them often!  We are a democracy and those only work with an educated population that is willing to speak up!  So SPEAK UP!  (and not just about SOPA/PIPA).



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