Library Day in the Life #7

I wasn’t really going to participate in this round of Library Day in the Life posts, but I changed my mind…so, here goes!  I was on vacation all week last week, so this one is a little more email intensive than most (maybe)

8am – arrive, check with Collection Management Librarian about the link to the library catalog on our website.  Our OPAC server is getting upgraded this week, so we’ll be linking to WorldCat while the catalog is unavailable.  She confirmed the switch, so I updated the website.

8:30am to 10:30am– start digging through the 100+ emails that arrived while I was out of the office last week.  I was keeping an eye on things while I was out, but many of the emails either had to do with things that didn’t affect me or things that I couldn’t do anything about while out of the office.

Make some updates to the library’s website to reflect recent changes in our electronic resources.

Stop to talk to the Education faculty liaison, who stopped by to grab a book.  We talked about the recent release of our allocations budget (and the unpleasant surprises there) and also the possibility of her going back to school for ELL stuff.  Also, she told me who to talk to about the possibility of teaching the Education Technology course here once I’ve finished my M.Ed.  Woot!

Dug out some more emails, answered those, talked to a couple of vendors about existing resources and possible changes to some journal subscriptions.

Worked with a colleague at the local public library to get a webinar scheduled this week as part of Learn & Discover, which I’m chairing again this year.   I’m pretty excited about this webinar, and I hope it gets a good response.

Sent out registration information about a new resource for some of our faculty.

Received trial information for several databases that a faculty member had requested while I was out.  Added them to the library’s website.

11am – 12:30pm Emailed our project manager in PR about the updated library website and some questions I have about it.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to go live with it soon.

Finalized details on the webinar for Learn & Discover and scheduled the test run for the presenters.  Started the PR machine for the webinar as well.

Updated the library’s LibGuides and worked on the new site some.

Worked with the librarian now in charge of scheduling our information literacy sessions to ensure that I know when my classes are scheduled.

12:30 – 1:30pm Lunch!

1:30 pm – 4:30pm chat with Reference Coordinator about what she’d like to do about several pages on the library’s website.  Reminded her of interface change that means a tutorial needs to be updated.

Scheduled meeting with the website committee to preview the updated website.

Chatted with a professor about her subject guide, how to edit it, and some new databases and some of the changes to their subscriptions.

Emailed a vendor about a new subscription.

Called an advisee back about questions left on voicemail.

Worked briefly on the state library association conference.  (I’m co-chair of the program planning committee).

Updated and tidied up the library’s YouTube account in preparation for using the videos on the updated website.

Added video tutorials to the updated website.

Added links to our new LibGuides to the updated website

Helped colleague with a LibGuide issue.

4:30pm – one last check of email and then…. Go home!


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