ALA Midwinter!

The American Library Association’s Midwinter meeting is rapidly approaching!  I’m attending (as seen by the badge below), and thought I would share my schedule.  I’m a little more scheduled than usual this year, because I’m a new ALA Councilor.  I’m representing my state library association (the Tennessee Library Association) for the next three years.  I’m excited to see what happens on Council and be a part of what makes ALA work.

I’m also excited to take my first trip to Seattle.  I’m hoping it’s not going to be freezing and raining the whole time, but the weather forecast doesn’t look promising.



more conference stuff

The conference is almost over…and I’ve made several new friends, actually. Thanks, everyone, for the great comments! I appreciate knowing I’m not the only one! Fortunately, another librarian was so relieved to see someone else her age that she walked up and asked if I had plans for dinner…I had a car, and the rest, as they say, is history :^) Hopefully, it’s the start of a good friendship, as well as a good professional experience.

stupid conferences

I’m at the Tennessee Library Assoc. annual conference. I always learn stuff at professional conferences, and it’s usually useful stuff. But I always feel inadequate, ignored, and blech. I’m a terrible networker. I realize that. But I also feel like everyone already knows someone and I look too young to be taken seriously. I don’t want to wear my work clothes to conferences, but I think I’m going to have to start. I’m tired of being smiled at, said hi to, and then largely dismissed. I am trying to figure out how to get involved so that I can know people when I go to conferences, but it’s not easy to figure out. I need to try to find out if there’s some way I can get better at networking…maybe if I start going to functions at work where I can meet people….I’m really too tired to think about it right now…stupid hotel pillow was too thin to let me sleep the whole night uninterrupted….plus, lunch! is calling.

ALA schedule

Still plugging away on my ALA schedule for ALA in Chicago….more details to come


9:00-11:00 NMRT Conference Orientation

10:30-12:00 Give Them What They are Reaching For: Identifying Customer Wants and Needs with the Public Library Geographic Database

1:30-3:30 Are You Preparing for Your Next Job?
Planning the Next Step in Your Library Career: Strategies for Keeping Pace with the Changing Library Environment

1:30-5:30 Wow! We Really Do Change Lives–Knowing and Showing Outcomes (per director’s request)

4:00-5:30 Back to School: Teaching Information Literacy to Adults in Public Libraries, Academic Libraries, and Adult Distance Learning Centers

UPDATED: Opening Session???

8:00-11:00 SCHOLARSHIP BASH Museum of Science & Industry

UPDATE: Exhibits??
10:30-12:00 Don’t Move Out, Move Up! Strategies for Librarians to Move Up the Ladder, Not Out the Door
10:300-12:00 Taking the Guess Work Out of Non-Fiction Reader’s Advisory

1:30-3:30 Library Book Cart Drill Team Championships (this just looks fun!)
1:30-3:30 Outreach 101

4:00-5:30 Bilingual Issues in Emergent Literacy

8:30-12:00 Getting Published: From Practice to Print

10:30-12:00 Libraries: A Supportive Environment for Teens!

1:30-3:30 Generation Gap: The Challenges and Benefits of a Mixed Generation Workforce (per director’s request)
1:30-3:30 Perspectives in Spanish Book Publishing, Distribution, and Acquisition

5:00-6:30 PLA President’s Program and Awards Presentation with David Sedaris, part of the ALA Auditorium Speaker Series