A poem

Despite knowing several poets personally, and even writing some (terrible) poetry myself, I’ve never been a big poetry reader.  Sometimes it speaks to me, though, and this poem is one of those that did.  And still does.   I first heard part of it from a colleague on Twitter.  I asked for the whole poem, and she obliged.  I could talk about what it means to me, and why I keep rereading it, but I won’t.  I’ll let it stand on its own.

Here it is:


The Low Road


What can they do

to you? Whatever they want.

They can set you up, they can

bust you, they can break

your fingers, they can

burn your brain with electricity,

blur you with drugs till you

can’t walk, can’t remember, they can

take your child, wall up

your lover.  They can do anything

you can’t stop them

from doing.  How can you stop

them? Alone, you can fight,

you can refuse, you can

take what revenge you can

but they roll over you.


But two people fighting

back to back can cut through

a mob, a snake-dancing file

can break a cordon, an army

can meet an army.


Two people can keep each other

sane, can give support, conviction,

love, massage, hope, sex.

Three people are a delegation,

a committee, a wedge.  With four

you can play bridge and start

an organization. With six

you can rent a whole house,

eat pie for dinner with no

seconds, and hold a fund raising party.

A dozen make a demonstration.

A hundred fill a hall.

A thousand have solidarity and your own newsletter;

ten thousand, power and your own paper;

a hundred thousand, your own media;

ten million, your own country.


It goes on one at a time,

it starts when you care

to act; it starts when you do

it again after they said no,

it starts when you say We

and know who you mean, and each

day you mean one more.


–Marge Piercy

Copyright 2006, Middlemarsh, Inc


Tennessee Library Association Presentation

Whew.  The presentation is over!  It went really well, and I’ll post the same links here I did for them.  It’s Google Earth in the K-12 Classroom, and there’s all kinds of cool stuff you can do with Google Earth!

Presentation slides are at http://slideshare.net/library_chic

Links are in delicious at http://delicious.com/library_chic/googleearth

Now all I have to do is look pretty for tonight’s fashion show and sound intelligent for tomorrow’s panel about ALA!

Day in the Life #4

I’ve participated in the Library Day in the Life meme before, but I decided to do it again because some things have shifted, at least slightly, in my work life.  So here goes nothing!

I’m the Electronic and Educational Resources Librarian at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.

8:30am arrive at my desk after finding a parking space and chatting my way into the building

  • Fire up the computer and make instant oatmeal while waiting for the computer
  • Clean up desk and unearth papers that need to be dealt with today
  • Catch up on social networking sites (Twitter & FriendFeed mostly) and read a few links that look interesting.

9:00am Start to get on with the work of the day

  • look up who’s paying for new ebooks
  • fax ebook order back to OCLC
  • check work email and deal with unfinished business from last week
  • consider what kind of books and information the art education class will need tomorrow
  • answer a random chat reference question
  • pondered the schedule of events for the conference I’m attending next week (Electronic Resources & Libraries)

10:00am Off to man the reference desk!

  • refilled the stapler, loaned out scissors
  • added events for the TnLA annual conference to the Google calendar
  • updated my conference schedule for next week

11:00am still at the reference desk

  • started catching up on Google Reader feeds….still not done 🙂
  • answered questions about how to use Word 2007
  • directed a student to the photography books
  • helped a student access a more specific database for her accounting paper

12:00pm back to my desk

  • 13 emails in 2 hours!
  • sorted, answered, deleted emails
  • made some adjustments to the conference calendar
  • played a couple games of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook

12:30pm Lunch!

1:45pm back from lunch

  • Sorting through Choice cards
  • talking with Music librarian
  • shelving new materials


  • pulling books for Art Education instruction session tomorrow
  • entering December reference stats for music library
  • helped reference librarian with the “Track Changes” function of Word 2007
  • updated library’s pages with Caldecott & Newbery winners


  • one last round of email checking
  • check in on social networking – Twitter, Friendfeed
  • make sure things are set for the morning

4:30pm Go home!

Another Day in the Life

It’s been a few months since I’ve done this, so I thought I’d share. I’ve had what I would consider a typically random day for me also, so here goes….


  • chat with coworkers in the ILL office


  • check email for overnight emails
  • prepare email address list for the local roundtable I am chair of


  • compose email chairing a virtual business meeting/election for the roundtable, ensuring we are following both Robert’s Rules and our bylaws


  • cleared off desk
  • keeping an eye on email for the virtual business meeting


  • cleaned up emails
  • took care of missing payment for online resource
  • tallied votes for virtual meeting
  • sorted catalogs for Education collection development


  • cleared bulletin board of snowflake display
  • put up spring & alphabet book display
  • organized display materials
  • emailed website suggestion to colleagues
  • rebooted my computer to fix mouse issue


  • attempted to find downloaded file for student that was saved in unfindable location
  • lunch!


  • poked on Envisionware to try to change guest pass settings
  • helped student find primary sources for her Education paper
  • started gathering titles for an updated professional collection for library faculty


  • showed Education students how to do collection development
  • tallied votes for roundtable meeting
  • ran invoices to acquisitions
  • contacted photographers about my wedding
  • wrote this blog post!

As you can see, there is a wide variety of activities during my day, and not all of them are directly related to my job title 🙂

Day in the life….

Last time the Library Day in the Life went around, I skipped it. I was feeling unproductive at work and didn’t want to share how much time I thought I was spending online in my social networks. This time, however, I am keeping my one New Year’s Resolution of doing more work at work, so here’s my typical day (I hope…we’ll see if anything blows up on me today…)

I am an Electronic Resources and Education Librarian at a small liberal arts school in Nashville, TN. I usually have too much on my plate, so it’ll be interesting for me to see how much I have to do during the day.

6:20am – the alarm goes off, playing NPR. I hit snooze.

6:35 – time to get up and walk the dog and do the morning routine

7:40 – grab a Diet Coke and it’s off to work!

8:00 – try to find a parking place somewhere near the library…Our campus is just like any other- parking is at a premium.

8:05 – make it into the library, and make my way upstairs to my office.

8:10 – eat breakfast (oatmeal) while checking email and checking in on Twitter,FriendFeed, and Facebook. Read a variety of links from Twitter/FriendFeed that look interesting (this morning? see my Delicious links to see what I thought was useful)

8:40 – start going through work emails to see what needs to be done today and what has to be responded to.

9:00-9:30- email inbox is cleaned up, with all remaining emails functioning as today’s “To Do” list.

9:30-10:00 – check links on the library website, update links to new database subscriptions, provided requested usage statistics to subject liaison, email about updating links on our proxy server

10:00-10:30 – send information to various liaisons about their subscriptions, and about a subject guide on the library’s website we are collaborating on; updated more links on the library website, passed on database renewal information to the appropriate parties

10:30-11:00 – walked across campus to pick up the toner cartridge for my printer, stopped for a snack on the way back (yogurt!), and returned to the office for still more emails, chatted with a colleague about a problem we’ve been having with our print release station, updated the problem log for said print release station

11:00-11:30 – prepped renewal invoices for director’s signature, checked in on Twitter and FriendFeed and discovered my Twitter feed has been taken over by LITA-related tweets.

11:30-12:00 – updated the case file for our ongoing print release station problems, looked into a possible problem with our 360 Link


12:30-1:30 – Lunch! Time to escape the building for a bit, even if it is frigid outside.

1:30-2:00 – play catch up after lunch – check emails, fax renewals to publishers, update another subject guide on the library’s website

2:00-2:30 – troubleshoot print release station, answer more emails,

2:30-4:00 – move donated Education books out of a study room so that the students can begin using it again

4:00-4:30 – back to the office to answer emails before going home for the day!