ALA Membership Meeting I

1st speaker – “must” pay for virtual meeting attendance?

Steven Bell (who is he?) virtual participation encourages *more* full participation – yes, i think so – you have to be more alert and aware to be involved virtually

But does this run into the question of people who will say anything online because it’s not f2f? not “real” people, so can truly speak mind

distance learning – 3 distance students for every on campus student

still need f2f meetings, sure, but online not boring

Ester: ACRL IS has lots of virtual stuff – task forces, standing committee

open meeting policy is byzantine(?) (heavy req’s, esp for virtual committees that may meet on a whim or very short notice)

confidentiality issues?

Aaron – IT issues w/confidentiality are not necessarily issues for users (and there are IT solutions). Do something, soon.

SRRT Task Force on Env – e-participation will reduce carbon footprint

Heidi – open meeting – in person meetings are not open to people who are not here. Virtual meetings will make things more open.

Peter McDonald – no real issue with robustness of tech. Sociological implications are overcome as well (many people see virtual participation benefits)
Finances rest on exhibitors who are at annual/mw – if exhibitors complain of few bodies, will be big problem

Michael – benefits clear, issue to consider – been coming since early 1970s, greatest value derived from conference attendance is serendipitous meeting of colleagues; employers might not finance f2f meetings if virtual meetings are big

Sylvia – IFRT councilor – experiment in e-participation – opened listserv of exec board to general population, allowed e-voting using listserv (13 exec board only)

Alexia Hudson – must choose between conference participation and aging parents/family; don’t forsake public gatherings, but include regional activities in conjunction with ALA, state assoc, consortia, etc.

Heidi – revenue – need new opportunities to retain revenue

Task Force on Env – wants regional conferences – video feeds of content + local content in various locales (distributed conferencing) SuRVEY!!

wishing for the transcript to be available online – having trouble keeping concentration focused. plus, avoid misqoutes!


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