Getting Involved

So about 18 months ago I resolved to get more involved in local and/or national library associations. The job change a year ago has actually helped that quite a bit, since I now have some real encouragement and support for being active and involved. I am now Chair-elect of the Reference Roundtable of my state library association. I am also on the Booth committee of NMRT for next year. I am discovering more and more that if you simply volunteer, involvement isn’t really that hard. So I will continue to volunteer and try to do the best I can at whatever I’ve volunteered for.

I’ve been looking over the ImproveALA and Library Society of the World wikis trying to figure out what I can do and how I can get involved. I’m still sorting out whether or not I should (or want to) try to run for ALA councilor in the near future. I agree with most of the issues people have with ALA, but I’m not sure that I really have and ideas for how to implement any changes. So for now, I’ll try to keep up with it from the fringes and see if inspiration strikes anytime soon. I have decided to try to attend more of the business meetings at the next ALA conference, however. Unfortunately, this is at the expense of all the other, more interesting sessions.


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